South Pacific Series I - $2.00 NZ each

This series features flights of note in the South Pacific. 1. Includes ill fated Pan Am Sikorsky 42. 2. Sir Francis Chichester's remarkable small plane flight over the Tasman. 3. An escapist image and map of the famous South Pacific Coral Route. 4. A floral deco image of TEAL's survey catalina.
All cards approx 105mm x 145mm

Antarctica Series I, No.80 Postcards- $2.00 NZ each
An engaging card series focusing on significant flights in the frozen continent. 1. Features Lockheed Vega,
2. T 32 Curtiss Condor, 3. Northrop Gamma, and 4. Ford Trimotor and Antarctic wildlife.

All cards approx 105mm x 145mm
  N0.80.Ferguson tractors and a De Havilland Beaver were some of the support vehicles used by the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1955 - 1958, lead by Sir Vivian Fuchs and Sir Edmund Hillary.