The 1/144 scale (12 feet per inch) models on this page were constructed over a six month period in 1998-1999.

All the decals are original and were produced, laboriously, on budget software, (the name of which I can not recall!).  Original promotional leaflets and photographs were used to achieve accuracy.

The decals were printed on an ALPS printer, a dry ink type that used ribbon cartridges. The DC 6 was created by shortening the length of a Minicraft DC 7, cutting out windows and other modifications.  The Mount Cook Hawker Siddley 748 and the Safe Air, Armstrong Whitworth Argosy were created from Welsh Model vac-forms.

Terry Moyle



From Top

1 New Zealand National Airways Corporation (NAC), Douglas DC3 (circa 1955).

2 Tasman Empire Airways Ltd (TEAL), Douglas DC6 (Circa 1958)

3 Mount Cook Airlines (NZ), Hawker-Siddley 748. (circa 1968)

4   SAFE Air (NZ) Ltd, Armstrong Whitworth Argosy.











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