Terry Moyle has an extensive background in the arts and in business marketing and communication. With both published and exhibited work in a number of disciplines, his concepts of the potential and processes around vector and computer art are the basis for the Studio’s varied creative directions.

Terry Moyle’s paintings is held in private collections, and typically explore themes around consciousness, memory, place and journey. Although depicted in an entirely different way, these ideas are also evident in the Travel Poster quality of the Studio’s art and postcards.Terry Moyle has also been a professional cartoonist and was the creator of Fishbowl, a daily internet cartoon strip.

A professional and creative writer for most of his career, Terry Moyle’s first book of poetry, Cominghomeland was published in 2011.

He has attended a number of universities and has a MA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Waikato.