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Re-create the airlines and aircraft of Aviations' Golden Age with these beautifully engineered and designed fine scale aircraft.  These paper based aircraft kits represent many aircraft never featured before in an assembly type model.  Rendered and illustrated using mac computers and printed on fine quality papers, By Air Classique, endeavours to provide a collectable and comprehensive constant scale representation of many famous aircraft and airlines, particularly those of the between the wars era.

Considerable care and time has been used to provide a high level of illustration and research in the designs of these aircraft.  Many of the designs will only be available on a strictly limited edition basis.  We hope these designs will interest people looking for a different kind of hobby modeling recreation and an attractive limited edition subject. The list of types below we hope to have completed by 2010.
* indicates these aircraft are currently in production, designed or completed

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Albatros L-58*
Albatros L-72
Albatros L-73*
Amstrong Whitworth Argosy*
Avro 504 K*
Bernard 190T
Bleriot Spad 33
Breguet 14T*
Breguet 280T*
Boeing & Westervelt Seaplane F*
Boeing 40
Boeing 80*
Bristol Fighter*
Bristol Tourer
Cessna AW*
Curtiss Carrier Pigeon
Curtiss Jenny
Curtiss Condor*
Couzinet 71
DH 4 and variants*
DH 6*
DH 9 and variants


DH 16
DH 34*
DH 50
DH 53
DH 60 Moth and varients
DH 61
DH 66 Hercules*
DH 80 A Puss Moth
DH 82 Tiger Moth*
DH 83 Fox Moth*

DH 84 Dragon*
DH Moth Minor*

Desoutter 1*
Desoutter 2*
Dornier  Delphin 1
Dornier Komet II*
Dornier Merkur II*
Douglas M2
Fairchild 71 *
Farman Goliath F.60*
Farman F.70
Farman F.121 Jabiru*
Farman F.170 Jabiru*
Farman F.190*


Farman F.180 Oiseau Bleu*
Farman 223
F.K. 26 *
Focke-Wulf 16D
Fokker F.II
Fokker F.III and variants*
Fokker F.VII and variants
Fokker Universal
Fokker Trimotor
Handley Page W8b
Junkers F13*
Junker K16
Junkers A20
Junkers 52
Junkers 60*
Latecore 25.3
Latecore 28
Lockheed Orion
Messerschmitt M20b
Miles M3 Falcon
Rohrbach VIII Roland*
Saro Cutty Sark
Savoia Marchetti S.66
Shorts Calcutta


Sikorsky S40
Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Wallaby
Stinson A airliner
Supermarine Channel
Flying Boat*
Vickers Viastra
Vickers Vimy
Vickers Vulcan