contour creative studio

Contour Creative Studio provides the highest quality illustration and graphic design services for clients. The studio specialises in vector based graphic illustration, for use in a wide variety of media and business applications.

With thousands of individual images created over the last ten years, Contour Creative Studio is largest (and best) New Zealand vector art resource.

Contour Creative Studio creates and publishes a range of fine art Prints and designer Postcards and finescale paper models.

Vector Graphic Illustration - what makes us different
1. Complete flexibility - every element in a vector illustration can be transformed and re-coloured.

2. Ergonomic. Complex illustration can be produced quickly to meet tight deadlines.

3. Can be animated for web and broadcast applications.

4. Perfect for technical and related illustration. See here.

For more information on how Vector Graphics work. See here.

Paper Engineering
Unique 3D paper model designs for any print promotion or communication purpose.

Contour Creative Studio is based on the beautiful Kaipara Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand.

Contact us

Contour Creative Studio,
PO Box 54, Kaiwaka 0582, New Zealand
PH:09 431 2511


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