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NEW: An indispensable background for sooo many aircraft? The Famous Croydon Airport Building facade is a great way of saving space and displaying your 1/144 scale model aircraft the way they should be! The BY AIR Classique facade captures in fine detail the operational side of London's impressive looking golden age airport building.With a range of illustrated backdrops and a fully modelled and detailed facade that fits on book shelves, or can be broken down in a modular way to add background to 1/144 scale models. Very Special and very useful.



NEW: Need to display some 1920's civil aircraft? Designed to suit 1/72nd scale models this A3 sized backdrop is carefully designed from original photographs depicts early Croydon Airport, circa 1925. Other backdrops will include the Control tower variations of the very first Croydon aerodrome.



De Havilland D.H. 4A G-EAMU

Designed by Terry Moyle and Rosie Louise  this 1/72 scale model of the D.H. 4A was a converison of the D.H. 4 bomber of World War I.  Operated by The Instone Air Line Ltd, G-EAMU, was originally named the City of Cardiff when it started operation in October 1919.  It was placed in service between Croydon and Paris as the City of York - the livery depicted in this model.

The D.H. 4A featured an enclosed 2-seat passenger cabin to the rear of the cockpit


Model of the Dearborn Air Terminal in 1/72 scale with Ford 2AT.  The building was United State's first passeneger air terminal.  A model kit of both the Dearborn terminal and the Ford 2AT, the latter being the forerunner of the famous Ford Tri-motor series, will be available in late 2008.

The Wichita Air Terminal with it's Art Deco brickwork operated in the late 1920's to early 1930's.  It will be available as a 1/72 scale model kit in late 2008 early 2009.